Screening Date : Feb 15,2018
Facilitators :
Anusha Mehreen
Muqaddisa Mehreen
Kiran Fatima
Froebels School,Islamabad,Pakistan

For an audience of 200-250 grades 7 and 8th kids, it was one of those screenings where the purity of the subject (Mutaher) was received by the hearts yet pure.
It was amazing, the extent to which these little minds were ‘able’ to see. Their questions and remarks were very philosophical and intellectual for their age. It was beautiful to see what the documentary brought out of them.
Also, since its a very impressionable age, they readily, purely accepted what Mutaher was projecting. It was a jam on both the ends. And they rocked together like true stars. It was apparent that many will continue to carry Mutaher in their beautiful hearts for a very long time inshallah.
(Writeup by Kiran Fatima)