Mutaher’s Documentary Screening at
Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf
152-J, 1 Johar Town, Lahore

Time: 10-11am

Main Presenters:
Mrs. Amna I. Pataudi
Batool Fatima Samdani

Guest Speaker:
Dr: Ali Saqlain Haider.

Hosts from Hamza Foundation:
Mrs Mahrukh (Principal Hamza Foundation)
Ms Farzana

About Hamza Foundation:

Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf is the project of Hamza Foundation which is a registered Welfare Trust Organization. The origin of Hamza Foundation dates back to 1954, when Late Mian Muhammad Amin S/O Late Mian Muhammad Hayat established Sabira Masjid in Sher Shah, Karachi, with a view to make it a center for imparting basic Islamic teachings to the children of the destitute living in the area. After his death on May 28, 1967, his successors decided to lay the foundation of a social welfare institution in his memory.

A body named “AMIN HAYAT TRUST” was constituted with the ultimate objective of developing it into a grand charitable organization. Its name was changed in 1978 to HAMZA FOUNDATION and got it registered as a Welfare Trust. The name “HAMZA” was picked up in reverence of Hazrat Ameer Hamza, the uncle of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Educational facilities for the hearing impaired children are far less as compared to the large number of such cases in Lahore and in the country at large. The educational facilities provided to these children were not up to the required standards. To provide education to the Hearing Impaired Children on modern and scientific lines, Hamza Foundation authorities decided to setup an institute with an aim to provide the Hearing Impaired Students with quality education and social rehabilitation.
Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf, Lahore was established in September, 1988 for education, training and rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired Children in line with the aims and objectives of the Foundation.


Highlights of the Event:

The screening of Mutaher’s documentary held at Hamza Foundation was the last one for the year 2017 in Lahore. It was scheduled by Mrs Amna Pataudi of Lahore Chapter on December 21, 2017, for mainly the students and the teaching faculty of Hamza Foundation but was also attended by a few parents present on the premises.

After opening the event with the recitation from the Holy Quran, Ms Farzana of Hamza Foundation welcomed the Lahore Chapter along with all the rest of the audience present to attend the screening. Since the audience mostly comprised of the students with impaired hearing, there were two staff members to interpret everything into sign language in order to make it all understandable for them.

Mrs. Amna Pataudi talked about the purpose behind arranging this screening by touching upon the essence of Mutaher Arifa Azizuddin and her love for colors, beauty, and life despite her extremely difficult medical condition. Batool Fatima spoke next mainly focusing on how every moment of Mutaher’s practical life was drenched with gratitude due to her never ending positive attitude.

After the documentary screening and the slideshow of Mutaher’s mind boggling artwork, the guest speaker Dr. Ali Saqlain Haider addressed the differently-abled students of Hamza Foundation and asserted that if Mutaher can do it, so can they. He also asked the teachers and staff of Hamza Foundation to play as positive a role in their students’ lives as Mutaher’s parents and teachers did in hers in order to provide her with the most positive and healthy environment despite her circumstances.

Mrs Samdani shared her observation of the truly remarkable and admirable role of Mutaher’s parents where both had most joyfully devoted cent per cent of their lives to Mutaher’s service. Mr Moin Khan talked about Mutaher’s sharp observation and her attention to detail.

The principal, Mrs Mahrukh concluded the event by strongly emphasizing on Mutaher’s favorite quote:
“The only limit you have is in your mind”.

A week after this screening, Mrs Mahrukh shared the deep impact that Mutaher’s message had on both the students and staff members of Hamza Foundation