Nov .14,2017
Towson University,MD
Course:’Teaching &
Learning in a diverse
Undergraduate level .
Reflections of Students after watching Mutaher’s documentary.
1.’I found the documentary on Mutaher to be very inspiring.I loved her optimistic and upbeat attitude,despite of having a debilitating disease known as
AT.I never saw her once frown or complain,throughout the video .She seemed to be like a very happy person,who truly had it all together.
I was very impressed by how driven she was,as coming out of high school,she already knew what she wanted to do with her life .
When I graduated from high school,I had no idea what I wanted to do .
She truly was wise well beyond her years.
I could tell that whatever she spoke ,she thought through it well,to get her point across .
Mutaher was a very talented young artist ,who has given me the inspiration for
‘Never to give up’.
I hope someday,I will half the drive,wisdom and creativity that she possessed .
When I become a physical education teacher,I plan to take Mutaher’s enthusiasm,wisdom
and creativity into my classroom.I plan to be an upbeat,optimistic teacher,so that my students may feed off of my energy.
And if I would be able to use same amount of energy as of hers,then I would consider myself a successful teacher ‘.