Mutaher’s 12th Documentary screening and classroom discussion at ;
Presenter :
Anusha Mehreen
Muqaddisa Mehreen
Kiran Fatima
Write up by :Anusha Mehreen
Photography:Kiran Fatima
.Khaldunia High School
Mutaher’s Documentary Screening
On the 13th of October, 2017, a screening was arranged at Khaldunia High School which was attended by sixty five children and six school teachers from the senior section.
The initiative was taken by Islamabad chapter who shared with the audience that the documentary was shared with the objective of instilling hope and providing faith to the youth. The goal of screening the documentary was to spread Mutaher’s message of hope, faith and immense strength and resilience. The documentary also proved that one should not just survive, but conquer life no matter what life throws at us, may it be a life-threatening illness or simply a bad day.
During the screening, the students were asked what it was that they found special about Mutaher. They shared that they found her positive attitude, how she distracted herself from pain through multiple activities and how she faced multiple challenges but still looked happy.
The screening of the documentary was then followed by a slideshow which consisted of Muther’s uplifting artwork. After which the team opened the floor for questions and discussion.
The children were immensely moved and had a lot to say. The team then followed up by an activity with consisted of answering ten self-reflecting questions. Which was further followed by introducing the MP circles. Over fifty children and six teachers signed up for the circles.
Students were asked if they knew someone who was differently abled and the group of teachers was asked: “If a student is let’s say “underperforming” what steps do they take as teachers to facilitate those kids” or how they worked with children who are differently abled in their classrooms? Do they call the children out for it? Using words like “slow”. They then further explained how such vocabulary should be avoided in order to create a healthy classroom environment.
The goal of screening the documentary and MP circles was not only to give the children hope but also to make the teachers hopeful that each child is able to perform at their own pace. Moreover, the screening and the Mutaher Pakiza circles taught us that at the end of the day it shouldn’t be about “surviving” every dull moment or challenge thrown at you. It should be about conquering that dull moment or challenge and growing immensely from the pain, the struggle, the loss. Which without doubt requires loads of HOPE, FAITH, and reassurance hence the uplifting piece of work that was shared.
( Our utmost thanks to Anusha Mehreen ,for facilitating this screening )